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June Johnson

Stressed out when choosing your own health insurance coverage? Do you find you picked a plan that doesn’t work for you? Paying too much? Wrong Network? Not enough coverage or too much coverage.

I understand completely how that feels and that is one of my client’s biggest frustrations when they first to come to see me. “There are so many choices how do I know that I’m making the right choice for me?” is their biggest fear and question.

About June

I earned my insurance license over 10 years ago and shortly thereafter started my own independent insurance company so that I may concentrate on helping clients with their individual and business needs. I feel the benefit of being an independent agent instead of a captive agent is the ability to customize your insurance based on your needs.

I feel that focusing on a needs analysis methodology when working with my clients is what enables me to build lasting and fulfilling relationships with clients. Insurance after all should not be solely about the best price or how long it takes you to fill out an application, but how much or how little you really need.

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We do not cover every Medicare plan available in your area. Currently, I represent 8 organizations which offers 57 products in your area. Please contact or 1-800-Medicare or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get all of your options.